This is the official website of MSA (Megnonian Space Agency) of the Megnon galaxy. By some strange coincidence the rules of physics in this part of universe are same as that in the milkyway galaxy as observed and verified by our in-house astronomers and physicists. This website contains the entirety of knowledge of our species pertaining to spaceflight, so buckle up your seat belts and sit tight, as we update this website as and when the research is done, performed and verified by our distinguished megnonians.

A super-brief introduction

The ancestry of all Megnonians can be traced back to the Zeldya, a planet, which lies in the qadrant 67 of the Megnon Galaxy. It took us 1.4145926535 eons to explore and colonize the entire galaxy, which has only fueled our curiosity about the value of pi. We are a peaceful race, that had no evolutionary need for violence and expect all visitors from other galaxy and dimensions to take compulsory, totally legal with no permanent effects, anti-violence capsules available at every galactic check-post. They only temporarily suppress your biological need for violence during your stay.

How do we know about Earth?

Our first contact with a human being was with Rick Sanchez of Earth Dimension C-137, who traveled to our galaxy searching for the Mega seeds which he claimed to be very important for his research. He was gracious enough to provide us with the Pulsar Cooridinates of the planet Earth and a VPS to host our website.

“We come in peace.”

Ishi Wangdi
Megnonian Space Agency

Megnonian Space Agency

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